International Festival
of Computer Arts

MFRU 2023

29th MFRU Periodization of space and time through the intermedia

06.–13. October 2023, Maribor, Slovenia

Every form in space and time shows tendencies to improve, and at a certain stage the only way to make progress is to have a well laid out and structured plan that follows certain principles that we believe will lead us to the desired result. The MFRU Festival, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024, is aware of this through the integration of new technologies with science, art and social environments, and is directed towards confronting some historical foundations in order to upgrade the role and meaning of computer and intermediate reality. This will also be his focus in the upcoming edition since, as it was established, current social events are intertwined with computer technologies and vice versa, these are intertwined with current movements within society. It is with a critical and unbiased attitude towards past/historical facts that new frameworks and a plan can be established, following fundamental social discourses and the intermediate present.

In 2023, the festival under the (working) title Periodization of space and time through intermediation will try to establish a long-term cyclical structure of the field of computing and intermediation with the aim that its program will be evaluated through previous work, while at the same time finding new directions and realizations. Local and international authors of different generations will present their works in the field of intermediate (computer) and research art, at exhibitions and during guest appearances. The research of pioneers in these fields will be highlighted, as well as the participation of young people. Among the invited authors, half of them are those who established a wide field of media and computer art and younger authors who research and create new visions for the world of the future.