International Festival
of Computer Arts

MFRU 2022

28th MFRU Expansion of the Possible and the Complexity of Consciousness

07.–14. October 2022, Maribor, Slovenia

The festival will celebrate its 30th anniversary in two years, so this year its focus will be on upgrading the historical foundations and the need to be aware of the importance of common visions of computer and intermedia future. This makes sense as the MFRU not only addresses the changes and potentials brought about by computer technologies but also reflects current societal developments related to technologies. Its central task remains to integrate new technologies with science, art, and shifts in social environments.

In 2022, the festival under the "Expansion of the Possible and the Complexity of Consciousness" will bring domestic and foreign authors of different generations to the city and tour the country, working and researching in the field of intermedia (computer) and research arts. The participation of young people who explore and create new visions and look for possible ways to transform the world we have known so far will be highlighted. With the declared global epidemic, the crisis came to the fore - health, economic and political. We are emerging or forced to create a new world that will be based on a different attitude and, above all, on the awareness that we need different ways of working. We have yet to develop these, and we believe that young people are playing an important role here. At the same time, it will be necessary to "wake up" with awareness of our incapacities, as a society. Topics that will address the development of new products on the one hand, and the findings of quantum physics and on the other hand console games and technology, will be presented to the general public by setting up installations in shop windows around the city center, public areas and in subways and passages. We will highlight some historical achievements and present the pioneers of computer (intermedia) art. We will prepare discursive evenings, workshops, presentations, and also archival notes, as well as works by the youngest generation of creators of computer art. We will traditionally hold a competition for the best student intermedia project and award prizes.