International Festival
of Computer Arts

Not Like Houdini


Not Like Houdini

  • 29th MFRU
  • Intermedia installation
  • VR projection
  • Kibernetični prostor
Artist Jože Slaček
Not Like Houdini

in collaboration with:

  • Saša Bezjak
  • Jakob Vogrinec
  • Nina Jeza

Amid the flood of fake news and various conspiracy theories we encounter daily on social networks, the authors pose the question whether doubt, a cornerstone of human existence according to Descartes and the only proof of "ergo sum", is still relevant as a rational means of understanding, or have we arrived at a point where the concept of "truth" is solely marketed to us by media, political parties, activists, and other motives? The project takes the form of a spatial installation in a gallery, a live intermedia performance, and a VR projection, each providing distinct insights to users/viewers. The Not Like Houdini project documents an artist's entry into and confinement within a suitcase; it is not shown whether the artist also exited the suitcase. It is possible to see inside the suitcase, which is made in the realm of cyberspace, enabling viewers to observe the artist trapped inside. This part is made in 3D animation, forming a distinct computer-rendered space. All perspectives make the viewer think that the artist is enclosed within the suitcase, despite the seeming impossibility. So, is the artist locked in the suitcase or not? If they are, are they alive or not?