International Festival
of Computer Arts

The Last Supper / Das letzte mahl


The Last Supper / Das letzte mahl

  • 28th MFRU
  • Spatial installation
Artists Aphra Tesla, Stefan Doepner
The Last Supper / Das letzte mahl

A derivation of the intermedia transversal TOD MIT VORTEIL*, it is an act of two robotic speakers, an act without beginning and end. Aphra Tesla Operating System Incorporated Stefan Doepner symbolizes "descent "*, which means descent to Earth, at/for-earth. (We don't have quite the right term in the fig.).

TOD MIT VORTEIL/ PSALM FOR 8 ROBOTS is a sound composition or installation of eight compositions of vocals and traditional analogue harmonium, recorded on H5zoom in a bedroom and later mastered (David Darlington/Grammy winner).

The lyrics are taken from Soviet steaming advertisements from the '50s and transcribed into German. The compositions are based on musical-mathematical schemes and algorithms that dictate or metaphysically connect people who will never meet in real life.