International Festival
of Computer Arts

Telematic Dreaming


Telematic Dreaming

  • 3rd MFRU
  • Installation
Author Paul Sermon
Telematic Dreaming

Telmatic Dreaming is an installation that exists bwithin the ISDN digital telephone network. Two separate interfaces are located in separate locations, these interfaces in themselves are dynamic installations that function as costumized video-conferencing systems. A double bed is located within both locations, one in a blacked out space and the other in an illuminated space. The bad in the light location has a cammera situated directly above it, sending a live video image of the bad, and person ("A") lying on it, to a video projector located above the other bad in the blacked out location. The live video image is projected down on to the bad with another person ("B") on it. A second camera, next to the video projector, sends a live video image of the projection of a person "A" with person "B" back to a series of monitors that surround the bed and person "A" in illuminated location. The telepresent image functions like a mirror that reflects on a person within another persons reflection.

"Telematic Dreaming" deliberately plays with the ambiguous connotations of a bad as a telepresent projection surface. The psychical complexity of the object dissolves the geographical distance and technology involved in the complete ISDNn installation. The ability to exist outside of the users own space and time is created by an alarmingly real sense of touch is enhanced by the context of the bad and caused by an acute shift of senses in the telematic space. The users consciousness within the telepresent body is controlled by a voyeurism of its self. The cause and effect interactions of the body determine its own space and time, by extending this through the ISDN network, the body can travel at the speed of light and locate itself wherever it is interacting. In "Telematic Dreaming" the user exchanges their tactile senses and touch by replacing their hands with their eyes.

Paul Sermon: Telematic Dreaming

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Installation Telematic Dreaming was provided in Schedule 3 MFRU in 1997, which had a main theme of Interactive Arts. The recordings show the scene in one room.