International Festival
of Computer Arts

Sonic Shells


Sonic Shells

  • 28th MFRU
  • Interactive installation
Artist Lazar Mihajlović
Sonic Shells

This interactive work will shape the phenomena of sound and acoustics produced inside of sea shells that we produce when we put them on our ears. The sound we can hear is usually described as the ‘sound of the sea’, but in reality, these sounds are essentially nothing more than the acoustic reflection of the environment.

If shells have their specific way of communication, what would it possibly sound like? What if they are telling us some information with the reflective sound we hear when we put them on our ears? The underwater life still represents a mystery to humans, therefore this work will metaphorically recreate the sonic environment from the depths of the sea. The alternating sounds heard are the result of our movement and distance. Distance sensors placed in three different positions will translate into resonance and pitch change.

Keywords: nature, acoustics, sensors, interactive installation, code