International Festival
of Computer Arts

Online Campers


Online Campers

  • 28th MFRU
  • Digital exhibition
Artists Melissa Ghazale, Mirjam Elburn
Online Campers

Melissa Ghazale and Mirjam Elburn collected elements in the urban space of Beirut and the rural environment and compiled parts of this space. They are interested in the often temporary, mostly cobbled-together huts, tents, and shacks, which are made from material leftovers and develop their very own aesthetics.

They are primarily utility architectures, self-created and self-managed, built without the official approval or according to building guidelines. They seem to be growing out of the remains of a wall or appearing like fantastic structures in the middle of a wasteland. They serve as market stalls, food stalls, or places to stay. They are crooked, dirty, and chaotic. They are made of wooden beams, Sie bestehen aus Holzbalken, car parts, room doors, or scraps of fabric—what is available is used.

The two artists transfer these ultimate material structure into the exhibition space. Inside of two classic “white cubes” besides two large format collages, each 20 metres long, they stage three tents, inspired by the real tent and hut architecture in (rural) Lebanon.