International Festival
of Computer Arts

Blood Runner


Blood Runner

  • 28th MFRU
  • Video and sound in a spatial installation
Artist Jasna Hribernik
Designers, Technical implementation Zala Zia Lenárdič, Tomaž Šimnovec
Participant Andreea Oarga Mulec
Blood Runner

Although we humans caused the Anthropocene, we cannot control it. We cannot even control war. Peace is only a temporary gap, a space of friction between war machines. The techno capitalist war machine needs a special "Blood-run" of two te-qualities: oil and blood. "Oil is the life-blood that pulsates through the arteries of war", writes the Iranian philosopher and writer Reza Negarestani.

What is this ultra-black, breathtaking liquid, beneath the surface of the earth, which we have been pumping incessantly and without thought since we entered the geological epoch of the present? Revolutionary scientific ideas are emerging about its composition and origin. It is also one of the 'hyperobjects' in the somewhat different ecological perspective of the philosopher Thimoty Morton, whose dimensions and consequences are unpredictable and with which we are irreducibly and fatally intertwined.