International Festival
of Computer Arts

MFRU 2015

21th MFRU MFRU-KIBLIX 2015: Lift me up!

07.–09. October 2015, Maribor, Slovenia

This year the international platform MFRU-KIBLIX returns with the inspiring energy of the 21st century with Lift ME up! a slogan highlighting the idea of exemplary interconnection of art, science and technology in the up-to-date intermedia entirety, crowning previous successful years of events at the MFRU and KIBLIX festivals in Maribor. MFRU-KIBLIX 2015 festival shares the spirit of the European year of light and luminance, artistically announcing an overall way out of gloomy modernity – towards the light, fresh air, art. Exclusively up. Lift me up and elevate yourself!

Every installation is in its essence therefore an interactive work of art which enables visual and/or auditory experiences; it is an act of reality transformation. The daily routine of life with all of its banalities, values, pleasures, rest, develops into a unique virtual “ecosystem”.

The festival concept of MFRU-KIBLIX is to thematize relationships between society, system and technology. Thematization of technologically augmented social events and admonishing the indecency of modern art, which deliberately dropped the human compass, is the mission of MFRU-XIBLIX festival platform. Accordingly, artistic installations also happen to include an evolution of natural occurring electronic synthesizers and offer a reconsideration of the theory by which sound waves travel through lithosphere. And more. They combine a man and technology.

Once again the international festival platform introduces the events in KIBLA PORTAL in Maribor, an old textile factory hall covering 2000 m2, combining the festival’s units in one location. Thus, artists, cultural workers, explorers, scientists, educators and visitors, hungry for knowledge on scientific-technological-artistic theoretical and practical work, can get together.

The festival’s platform unites people willing to share and experience creative forms of artistic experimentation and interpretation. It includes interaction with various target audiences and appeals to the active cooperation of everyone; young and creative people, students and experts in particular. With intertwining branches of culture and science, they constructively exchange cultural models of critical reflection, activism and experimentation with scientific methods, research work and knowledge.

Presentation of contemporary visual art, artists and authors, through transdisciplinary connection, leads to further sophistication of knowledge and acquiring additional skills in the professional realm, integrating practical knowledge and scientific and technological research work; and last, but not least, improving the quality of creative works.



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