International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 29th MFRU

Location: Street Gallery at Židovska ulica

Artist son:DA

»The work performed by the artificial intelligence, with its identity, is paradoxical and simultaneous: it serves as both a retrospective synthesis of previous projects and a projection or prediction of potential appearances. The virtual realm is in constant flux, communicating with the audience through imaginary performativity. From an anthropocentric perspective, this raises the question of who or what son:DA is, how the creative act, its reception, and interpretation are generated and abstracted in technical terms – given that technology does not merely offer expanded possibilities, but (as media theorist Friedrich Kittler has warned), has integrated itself into the human being.«

– Nadja Gnamuš, PhD / 2020

UG MB 2023-2024 / #51 / curators 03 + son:DA: