International Festival
of Computer Arts


IFCA Student Award Winners Exhibition

IFCA Student Award Winners Exhibition

The exhibition will present the works of the three IFCA Student Award winners who have all been developing their own artistic expression, working method and strategy of using the digital medium. They are also interested in different subjects – Banović in the issue of legality of firearms, Muftić in climate change, Mihevc in the processes of machine learning and neural networks – which they broach in various ways: Banović examines digitally induced transformations of forms/meanings, Muftić deals with technologically mediated emotiveness within the interlacement of the virtual and the real, while Mihevc’s research-oriented process aims at signification and representation of representing compressed digital data. Members of the expert committee for the award were Ida Hiršenfelder, Igor Štromajer, Miha Horvat, Tjaša Pogačar and Živa Brglez.

Photogallery (photo: Andrej Lamut)


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