International Festival
of Computer Arts

The Face of Corporate Building


The Face of Corporate Building

  • 29th MFRU
  • Installation
Artist FaceOrFactory
The Face of Corporate Building

The Face of Corporate Building is a research project that delves into diverse strategies for crafting narratives and employing distinct rhetorical patterns pivotal to the creation of artistic NFT platforms. The process of documenting and analysing phrases, online posts, platform statements, and specific instances of NFT artworks and events is designed as a video game. In this game visitors gradually unveil a distinct economic and digital landscape as a new form of modern mythology. Within this realm, the (human) face is ambivalently involved: a place of identity and representation on one hand, while also, on the other hand, serving as a facade, a face of discourses, economic transactions, and political quiescence. Through a collage of various pop culture and theoretical references, executed in the style of a trivia quiz and borrowing the visual language of NFT platforms, the video game presents a critical interpretation of contemporary NFT production. Simultaneously, the project employs an ironic lens to constantly analyse the (impossible) position of its own creators, their work conditions and artistic practice, a critique of the modern economic market itself.

The Face of Corporate Building

Author: FaceOrFactory
3D design and animation:
Jan Krek and Lara Reichmann
Urška Preis (rouge-ah)
Theodor Striese
Ludwig Wandinger
Music in advertisements:
Gašper Torkar
Gaj Žižek
Foto: Miha Fras / Aksioma

Product design: Jan Krek and Lara Reichmann
Made by: Pjorkkala
Textile design: Sara Grižon

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, 2022
The project was created as part of the initiative to support young artists U30+

The project was partly developed in the framework of the IMPAKT Full Spectrum Curatorship Programme