International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 25th MFRU
  • Installation
Artists Paul Kolling, Paul Seidler, Max Hampshire

terra0 is an artwork and prototype for a self-owned augmented forest.

The project emerged from research in the fields of cryptoeconomics, automation and questions regarding representations of natural systems in the technosphere. It conceived of a framework whereby a forest was able to sell licences to log its own trees through automated processes mediated by smart contracts. In doing so, the forest would accumulate capital; a shift from valorisation through third parties to self-utilization thus made it possible for the forest to procure its real exchange value and eventually buy itself back from the initial shareholders.

By appropriating capitalist mechanisms of natural resource exploitation, the terra0 concept paper laid out how a piece of ground could play an active role in economic flows whilst avoiding direct influence over its actions.

terra0 continued in the form of various small-scale cryptoeconomic experiments centered around the valorisation and representation of natural systems, most notably via Flowertokens (2018) and Premna Daemon (2018).