International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 26th MFRU
  • Installation
  • Video game
Artist Jelena Viskovic

Nirgendheim is a videogame about a sandbox city that combines memory, architecture and archived documents in a playable geographical landscape. The story is set in the near future and based on a variety of real architectural sites that represent failed utopian ideologies. The brutalist architecture of Nirgendheim – as do the utopias of modernism it references – foreshadows the collapse of monumentality. Nirgendheim uses a mythological “magic quest” trope, estrangement and metaphysical elements as a strategy to create narratives that follow this collapse. Viewers are invited to experience this world together in the space of the installation by discussing and observing each other play.

Soundtrack: S. Olbricht
Sound design and master: Tamás Marquetant
Narration: Kamile Vaupsaite
3D Modeling Assistants: Rohonyi D. Iván, Gergő Kovács, Tamás Páll
Other collaborators: Thomas Grogan, Orsolya Bajusz, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Lauren Budestschu