International Festival
of Computer Arts

Loops in Transmission


Loops in Transmission

  • 25th MFRU
  • Installation
Artist Staš Vrenko
Loops in Transmission

Staš Vrenko’s project Loops in Transmission deals with technical media that, in addition to measuring and recording time, are also capable of manipulating the temporal axis and creating forms of temporality based on technological logic. Wolfgang Ernst defines technologies whose temporalities can only be understood in the processuality of their temporal operations, i.e. by dealing with the technical signals of algorithmic processes rather than analysing the content of cultural signs, as time-critical media. Their temporalities disrupt the human perception of time and separate the time of human culture from thatof technical media. Loops in Transmission deals with the unperceivable temporal processes of technical media via a system of three identical audio devices designed to process audio and logical signals. The basis of individual devices are smartphone apps developed specifically for this purpose and expanded by a set of electronic circuits based on analogue-digital chips, which, by processing the electromagnetic signal (as waveform, intervene in the temporality of the digital media (smartphone and mobile apps). The circuits thus enable direct intervention in the digital output signal, the processing of which is performed according to analogue and digital principles. The key level of instruments is the system of (electromagnetic and data) feedback loops in individual devices and loops at the level of communication between devices via a LAN connection, which, through the autoresonance of the technical media caused by a series of signal amplifications in real time, also inevitably amplify delays. The system of feedback loops enables the indirect sonification of the microtemporal processes of analogue and digital technical media.

Text: Maja Burja
Production: Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and Projekt Atol Institute
Acknowledgments: Lenka Đorojević , RogLab, Luka Frelih, Daniel Iglesia

The project is part of the EASTN-DC network, which is co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme. Production of the project was supported by the Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. The project is part of the EASTN-DC network, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.