International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 2nd MFRU
  • Installation
Author Darij Kreuh

The place of instalation is determined as a material carrier of image and at the same time a place of communication, in which the visitor can connect himself with some parts of the instalation, wether as an interactive (platform) or a visual discurs with the entirety. Thus the visitor has the possibility to read through some parts and converse with the real world of instalation, to analyse and discover those structures, which meaningly set up the starting points for a more complex image, which is made only with the interaction between the visitor and the instalation.
With the help of the computer technology, a new virtual space is made inside the instalation, of which digital appearance is a simulation of material, leaning on the spiritual space. The Visitores body takes over the function of a connector between the material and the digital image, it becomes a model, through which functionality as a value of body is exposed. The material reality, in which the body is limited, submited to changes and vulnerability, gets into a virtual space contraposition, in which the body is getting free of corporality and through this constitutes a spiritual (digital) space in a symbolic level.

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Installation Kokon were made in the program 2nd MFRU New corporeality, in 1996, in showroom Razstavnega salona Rotovž.