International Festival
of Computer Arts


Deep Flow

  • Installation
Artist Tin Troha
Deep Flow

We have pushed this world to its limit. As a (catas)trophic cascade of eco–immuno-socio–geo-political collapses looms large and capital coldly leaves us far behind in a dust cloud of heavy metals and big data, it is time to admit our impotence and accept our at best supporting role in this subsurface narrative. By letting the concepts of nature, technoscience, economy, everything we arrogantly consider separate and subjugate by fault of our involvement sink into a cold subterranean crypt we built and abandoned, and conspire together without us, if not against us, undermine the limits keeping us from finding a way out. The location of the now-abandoned zinc and lead mine under Predil on the Slovenian-Italian border is parasitised by a monstrous infrastructural hybrid. The site operates as an autonomous off-site server cluster and automatic lights-off biochemical laboratory, thinking, communicating, experimenting, investing, initially for us but then increasingly, as the network cobwebs become thoroughly interwoven, for itself – intelligence as becoming-general, singularity imminent. The project bootstraps itself into existence as a chimera of traditional architectural media: scale model, technical drawing, render graphic, all flowing together into a feverish, prophetic deep dream. A database's katabasis, a tectonic, or rather, tech-chthonic shift that only Novalis and Hoffmann could've felt coming in their darkly enlightened caverns.