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Artservis is a web-based information resource for artists, theoreticians, and cultural managers who operate with/in Slovenia or abroad. It was created in 2001 because a need was discovered for systematic gathering and efficient mediation of information from the world of contemporary art. During the three years and a half of operation it has become an indispensable web tool for artists, theoreticians and cultural managers in Slovenia as well as a referential source of information internationally. The basic mission of Artservis is to inform and offer advice. By publishing tenders, competitions, invitations for co-operation, possibilities of financing and offering various services in the world of art, Artservis helps (free of charge) anybody who operates in the field of contemporary art. Artservis operates on common editorial principles: public accessibility, professionalism, objectivity, reliability, being up-to-date, a solidarity exchange of information, understandable information, it is free of charge and supports the copyleft principles. Approximately 300 users visit Arteservis every day and most users come from Slovenia, former Yugoslav countries, Central and Eastern Europe, USA, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. In the database there are approximately 700 tenders and 2000 selected web links. Prior to posting the information on our site it is checked and edited. Current information is obtained from domestic and international sources. The information as regards the new items in the database and the manual is spread by the Artservis weekly bulletin, which is sent out to over 3000 subscribers. A special content within Artservis is the manual, which offers instructions for administrative tasks in the world of art. It is comprised from a series of contributions, which are linked to the current organisational tasks and the rules of operation for individuals and organisations that operate in the field of contemporary art. The manual informs and offers advice to anybody, who within the world of art encounters status, managerial, legislation or economic issues.

Who are we?
Artservis is a project of the Centre of Contemporary Art SCCA - Ljubljana. The Artservis editor is Marija Mojca Pungerčar. The editorial board consists of: Barbara Borčić, Mateja Lazar, Dušan Dovč, Saša Nabergoj and Damijan Kracina, who is also Artservice's designer. The programming is the work of Damjan Leban.

Artservis is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. Contact: