International Festival
of Computer Arts

Another Future Entirely


Another Future Entirely

  • 29th MFRU
  • Multimedia art research project
Artist Nejc Trampuž
Another Future Entirely

Based on the technology of the future: artificial intelligence (AI), this project introduces a fresh perspective to environmental awareness. It envisions a future wherein the safeguarding of ecosystems and the pursuit of social justice take precedence, and where we can develop solutions to global challenges driven by late-stage capitalism and over-consumption – such as global warming and biodiversity loss. The generation of textual and visual materials has been shaped by AI, which learns from human-generated content and therefore echoes our discourse and society, while allowing us to leave the familiar and enter the realm of the non-existent. The first component of the project is a two-channel audiovisual projection featuring dialogues and animated digital collages. These reflect real debates of our times concerning ecological political systems, energy production, food cultivation, living, transportation, and more. The second component is a book. It encompasses eco-fiction short stories, written and visualized with the aid of artificial intelligence, depicting imaginary worlds and situations of the present and the future, and refer to specific environmental problems and solutions. The book also includes an academic article by Rok Kranjc that presents alternative systems and good practices as well as serves as an invaluable stepping stone for further research.

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