International Festival
of Computer Arts


BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica is a collective made up of graduates from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, formed in 1996 during their university years. The group produces artwork across a wide spectrum of contemporary artistic practices exhibits both locally and internationally and has participated in numerous international residency programmes, workshops and seminars. BridA’s works have been purchased for a score of international contemporary art collections. In 2015, they received the highest award of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the France Bevk Prize, commemorating 20 years of their successful activity; in 2018, they received the international Tesla Award. They are recipients of the Iaspis scholarship awarded by the Swedish Ministry of Culture, and Culture Bridges, awarded by the British Council under the EU.

BridA’s artistic production extends to the broad field of interdisciplinary art practices. The artists draw on the field of innovative technological and scientific approaches that, in a revolutionary way, open new possibilities of understanding contemporary art. In their interactive projects, the audience is actively included in their artistic process. In their interactive projects, they actively include the audience in the artistic process. Thus, through the years, the audience has become the main actor in such projects.