International Festival
of Computer Arts

Dangerous idea or (bright) future? - Transhumanism


Dangerous idea or (bright) future? - Transhumanism

13. Apr 2021

Dangerous idea or (bright) future? - Transhumanism

The 27th International Festival of Computer Art (IFCA) will take place in Maribor between 8 and 15 October this year. The festival will take place in various public locations and spaces in the city and online. We decided on such a form so that, even with possible measures due to the epidemic, its implementation will be possible.

Topic or the red thread of this year's festival is Dangerous idea or (bright) future? - Transhumanism.

While the 26th IFCA focused on projects addressing the infrastructural aspects of the relationship between computer technologies and planetary ecologies, the 27th edition of the festival seeks to reflect community-related issues related to open society, open science, open technology and continuing research in directions of transhumanism. It raises the question of man's position: man and his personal field of freedom or his ever-increasing and necessary subordination to technology?

But there are also predictions and hopes that technology and science would accelerate and improve human evolution, so that humanity would transcend its physical, mental, and social determinations.

The central exhibition in the form of art projects will bring together the various actors, creators and the public in the city. Based on the new exhibition presentation, it brings efforts to experiment with exhibition design and focus on exhibiting outside the classic gallery spaces.