International Festival
of Computer Arts

YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings


YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings

  • 29th MFRU
  • Sound walk
  • Deep listening

09. 10. 2023 / 19:00

Location: Maribor City Park

Artist Petra Kapš (OR poiesis)
YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings
  • Registration is required! (
  • Gathering point: pavilion at the Aquarium-Terrarium in the City Park.
  • Duration: 2 h
  • Please wear suitable footwear for walking in the forest
  • Maximum number of participants: 15

How can we listen to the invisible? How do we perceive beings that do not want to be heard? YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings are rooted in the artist's ongoing poetic exploration of the Japanese silk moths (Antheraea yamamai), echolocation, the modality of moving/blinking states, and the intricacies of the personal aural field in terms of territory and deep listening. The group sound walk will focus on listening to (almost) inaudible presences in the forest. We will start with a collective tuning-in exercise, and then, in silence and guided by poetic listening prompts, we will take an evening walk through the meadows and woods surrounding the Pyramid. This auditory journey into the seemingly inaudible, as we roam the nocturnal landscapes (which could also be perceived as a reduction of the visual field and listening to the subtle impulses of our own bodies and anima), delves into the sonority of the apparent silence of nocturnal butterflies. The yamamai, inhabitants of tall deciduous forests who reside high in the treetops, become the focus of our exploration. By considering everyday sounds as a means to degrade human perceptual capacities, especially within the auditory field, this series of listening scores strives to disrupt the dominant perceptual agenda and highlight the potentials of aural perception. Hearing is intrinsically linked to a nuanced comprehension of reality and compassion, which is the basis for inclusive resonance. In 2020, as part of MFRU, the artist created YAMAMAYU / planetary garden of fluid harmony / sonority of the Japanese oak silk moth, an 8-channel sound composition at TONSPUR. This year, she presents the sound walk YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings. The sound walk YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings premiered as a part of the TO/pot 2022 festival, produced by CONA, Ljubljana.

YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings

Co-producer of the sound walk: Steklenik and CONA, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing

Photo 1: YAMAMAYU, by OR poiesis
Photo 2: portrait OR poiesis, KONS/CONA institute photo archive