International Festival
of Computer Arts

Make your own HEX synthesizer! (14+)


Make your own HEX synthesizer! (14+)

  • 29th MFRU
  • Workshop

08. 10. 2023 / 16:00

Location: Cultural Incubator / Koroška cesta 18, Maribor, Slovenia

Make your own HEX synthesizer! (14+)

HEX is a series of original electronic instruments created under the creative guidance of artists Anže Sekelj and Staš Vrenko. In the development process, special attention is paid to the balance between complex instrument use, which allows professional musicians to utilize advanced functions, and an intuitively accessible interface, introducing modern electronic music to the general public and empowering them to learn about electronic sound technologies through workshops. The speakers are characterised by a unique approach to design, enabling users to easily replace electronic components in the event of a malfunction.

The HEX cor is a digital polyphonic synthesiser with a capacitive keyboard, potentiometers for modulating the signal, and an adjustable looper. Through its unconventional design, it explores new ways of producing sound and interacting with synthesizers. The individual modules in the series can function as standalone instruments/effects or can be combined to create various modular compositions.

HEX lag is a multifunctional effect that combines delay, bit crush, stutter, pitch shifter, reverb options to modulate audio signals. Like its predecessor, HEX cor, HEX lag explores innovative ways of interaction and sound production through its unique shape.

Registration: to participate in the workshop, please register:

The workshop is limited to 8 participants.

Participants choose which module they want to work on when they register. The options include the HEX cor synthesizer and the digital effect HEX lag. Each participant will be able to take home the module they have assembled.