International Festival
of Computer Arts

Postplanetary state of being


Postplanetary state of being

  • 27th MFRU
  • Artwork
Artist Doroteja Dolinšek
Postplanetary state of being

The author will simulate futile conditions in the Mars regolith and in the growth probe - clinostat, a device that rotates to eliminate the effects of gravitational force, creating gravity that is almost three times smaller than the one on the Earth. She will enrich the fragile and barren rock by supplying its own fertile potentials; by supplying her body fluids and cornea (menstrual blood, urine, hair) and she will create the nutritional conditions for the growth and maintenance of the soybean germ in a gravity-free space.

The author's process of reflecting on the posed questions in the development of her work Postplanetary state of beings is extremely focused on the material and technical implementation of the concept. The questions, posed by the author, open a wide range of burning relationships on Earth, but the author does not get involved in the value judgments about the colonization of the red planet, but tries to think openly about the symbiotic reciprocity, connection and interdependence of beings for existence in the universe, where the Earth also resides. She touches the production issue of the agricultural monocultures as well as cultural taboos and prejudices, dealing with biological material in terms of their chemical composition and not cultural preconceptions, which we recognize as an extremely mature and bold decision.

We are convinced that the prototype presentation of this complex project, which will be completed in December this year, will be of interest to the public two months before its final realization.

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