International Festival
of Computer Arts


Making of Earths

  • Film
Artists Asia Bazdyrieva, Solveig Suess
Author Geocinema
Making of Earths

Making of Earths navigates the architectures of planetary cinema. The film begins inside a globe situated at the centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, entering the spaces of the Miyun and Sri Racha ground stations, the climate research centre of Bangkok, conference halls in the Tengchong volcanic district, and the risk-management rooms of the oil conglomerate Gazprom in Omsk. Premised on the idea of environmental protection, representatives of nation states, international organisations and scientific bodies gather in search of an alternative geopolitical model, eager to cooperate with China’s Digital Belt and Road program. Through image and sound, tensions are held between distance and intimacy, wholeness and fragmentation, pasts and present-futures.