International Festival
of Computer Arts

Bora, a breath of wind


Bora, a breath of wind

  • 27th MFRU
  • Artwork
Artist Vasily Kuzmich
Bora, a breath of wind

The project Bora, a breath of wind, by Vasily Kuzmich, who is a student of the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, is being developed as part of the author’s diploma thesis. It shows mature and complex thinking, and an in-depth approach to current issues.

The author derives the concept for the meditative sound of the installation from a local weather phenomenon - the bora, which is a melodic sound phenomenon. Although the bora is known on most continents, it is probably most explored in our vicinity, in the Adriatic area. The author intertwines the achievements of modern technology, mathematics, physics, and metaphysics and, in collaboration with a music therapist Taja Trobec, creates an atmosphere that takes the viewer/listener to a whole new level, away from everyday problems.

The author's reflection on a human being in the post-pandemic period, who is separate from others, from himself and from nature, stands out. The sound of the natural phenomenon-bora is offered as a new experience, and through its multi-layered nature opens up questions of the co-dependence and reciprocity of a human being and nature. The installation, which is therapeutically oriented, also demonstrates authors knowledge in various fields. The author demonstrates empathy, sound perception and the complexity of thinking through the subtlety of feeling natural phenomena, thinking about the fragility of human life and with expressive-technological precision.

We wish the author a successful completion of the diploma thesis, and creative inspiration for the installation of his project in the Media Nox Gallery.

We believe that the selected project will be interesting for the general public and useful for various other purposes, including therapeutic.