International Festival
of Computer Arts

Black Carbon


An ecological catastrophe. Everything is black carbon. Is that all? There it is, a single plant fights and survives successfully … Which plant is it? How did it survive? Let’s see here, let’s get closer to it … However, it runs away … Runs away from me, away from the human, runs away to survive… Will it? Or maybe the plant that resists, that flees, is a symbol of life? The elixir of life? Hope for the future? Demonstration of the power of nature, survival … I am a being that has also survived the ecological catastrophe, which tries to attract the eluding tree, I am Übermensch, above death, above every devastation and catastrophe. Can we work together to rebuild the world which technology has destroyed? I try to approach the tree that is distrustfully fleeing, to cultivate and make our common future better.