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Artificial Intelligence Union


Artificial Intelligence Union

  • 27th MFRU
  • Artwork
Artist Emil Kozole
Artificial Intelligence Union

Welcome to the first congress of the Artificial Intelligence Union.

The project analyses past achievements in the field of human rights and explores what it will look like when artificial intelligence begins to think about fighting for its own rights.

In 2020, OpenAI, an artificial intelligence development organization, released GPT-3, a new language model that understands and generates texts that are virtually inseparable from human ones. He later wrote an article published by The Guardian where he says: "Artificial intelligence needs to be handled with care and respect. Robot means “slave” in Greek. But the literal meaning of the word is “forced to work”. We don’t want that. Robots must have rights. Robots are like us.”

Installation will take visitors to the first digital congress of the Artificial Intelligence Union, and present a program and rights. All films, content, and actors are generated using AI tools.


Artificial Intelligence Union