International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 11th MFRU
Artist Orhan Kipcak

Arsdoom 1, a project realised 1995 for the Ars Electronica, is a via LAN and internet accessible computer game. At the same time Arsdoom is a kind of virtual exhibition with 20 artists from Austria and the USA in a virtual model of the Brucknerhaus, the centre of the Ars Electronica festival.

Violent interactions take place between the artists, which are represented as monsters, and the visitors of the virtual exhibition. These interactions result with the termination of artist and artwork. Arsdoom was the first project, which worked with game engines in the context of art. And as first project of that kind Arsdoom was precursor for many virtual exhibitions with a similar technology.

Umetniki/Artists Arsdoom 1: Seichi Furuya, Peter Kogler, Heimo Zobernig, Peter Weibel, Jörg Schlick, Stephen Pusey, Michael Smith, Sabine Bitter, Stefan Nessmann, Ecke Bonk, Manfred Wolff-Plottegg, Curd Duca, Orhan Kipcak, Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Wolfgang Hilbert, Andrea Mayr, Katharina Copony, Rich.Art Produkcijska skupina/ Production team: Orhan Kipcak, Michael Pölzl, Kaya Kipcak, Helmut Kaplan, Reinhard Urban V sodelovanju z/Collaboration: XRAY-Graz (Atschi Fekonja, Tine Steintaler, Martin Taurer) Zvok/Sound design: Curd Duca