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An interview with RadicalxChange founder Glen Weyl

Author Glen Weyl
An interview with RadicalxChange founder Glen Weyl

The interview with the political economist and social technologist Glen Weyl is fascinating for many reasons. First of all, it is an excellent demonstration of the emerging political philosophy of Liberal Radicalism and the RadicalxChange movement that is based on it and represents a new entry point for social transformative thought on the post-left. But Weyl, as the wild card that he is, takes the interview even further: from the very onset, he stresses the need for a different form of radical thinking, one that does not criticise the system from the outside, but subverts it from the inside, i.e. in a way that it does not question the system's logically consistent premises, but takes them to the extreme – to new conclusions. In other words, Glen Weyl's interview is a contemporary manual on how to think differently or, rather, how to sharpen radical premises in a way that they don’t question the existing system on the declarative level only, but actually do so.