International Festival
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Aiueonn Six Features


Aiueonn Six Features

  • 2nd MFRU
  • Video
Author Takahiko Iimura
Aiueonn Six Features

Takahiko Iimura animated visual images of six Japanese vowels that are identical in Japanese as well as in Latin letters. By combining comicality and absurdity, he created six funny faces controlled by the G System (Sony's system for creating real time digital images). He developed the concept based on Jacques Derrida's work Differance in which the dissimilarity of image, letter and sound acts within space and motion. Consequently, all the images of the AIUEONN installation differ and delay according to letters and sounds and thus create a case of multiculturality.

Takahiko Iimura: Aiueonn Six Features

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Recordings from the installation Aiueonn Six Features that consisted of six monitors derive from 1996. The presence of its author, the japanese artist Takahiko Iimura, verified the international character of the 2nd festival.