International Festival
of Computer Arts



Stella Ivšek (5237) and Anja Romih (SMECH) are intermedia artists dealing with sound visualization, video animation, and video editing. They have appeared as VJs for many years at various music and art festivals at club events. As the VJ due, they presented projects at the festivals Ment, Fotopub, Sonica, Grounded, Zvončki in trobentice, od:vod, and DNBK. As part of the PIFlab educational program in the Ljudmila association, the Osmo/za consortium, they curate meetings of artists in the field of video art, installations and visualizations. In 2020, as mentors of the Svetlobna Gverila Laboratory (co-production of the Ljudmila Association), they provided expertise and guidance to the workshop participants, and in 2021, in collaboration with Aleš Zupance and Črt Trkman, they created an interactive audio-visual installation “Mreža” (Net) for the Svetlobna Gverila festival.

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Črt Trkman (Terranigma) is a sound designer, sound engineer, DJ and electronic music producer, who also works under his production pseudonym Terranigma. With original music, he participated in the performance of the feature film "Plato's Body" and created a sound composition for the A/V installation "Mreža” (Net).

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