International Festival
of Computer Arts

MFRU 1998

4th MFRU International Festival of Computer Arts 1998

11.–15. May 1998, Maribor, Slovenia


Selectors Igor Štromajer, Stelarc

MFRU 1998

MFRU 1998

“When I am back at my computer, I get in the zone and I begin. It is a kind of passion to write in 'html' web computer language. Or in ‘java’, another, even more complex language, whatever. There are numerous other programs for automatic website building and design, even the new Word can, by itself, save files in a way that they are usable on the internet, I have tried many of them, but all this is like kissing through the glass: you do something without actually knowing what it is. This is why I write all website commands manually, in the good old, simple notepad window. When I work on a project, when I manually assemble various lines of html and java, I get the shivers over my body, the pins and needles run up and down. Then I check in the Communicator (I am an absolute Netscape fan, I cannot stand Explorer, which is also clumsy) and I am taken aback like a child each time the program shows the result of my html and java drudgery. Manually writing websites is hard work actually, it is like digging a ditch with a pick and a shovel, but this is exactly its charm. For example, I look at sculptors in studios, who, dirty and dusty, knead the material to its final form. This is something similar. I sit at the computer and I knead, crush, press and mangle html and java commands, I sweat and swear. But when I look at the result, a complex image opens before me, of which only I know the composition and how I arrived at it. This is one pure delight, to compose an interactive internet platform for an art project from <table border="0" align="center" cellpadding=2><tr><td width="23%" valign="top"><dl>. There is the mother tongue and there are foreign languages, but this one here is my language. When I create, it is only mine.”

(Igor Štromajer, article in Sobotna priloga insert of Delo, January 1998, excerpt)