International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 11th MFRU
  • Exhibition
Curator Srečo Dragan


The study of video and new media at the Academy of Fine Art in Ljubljana is an experimental field. So much so for techno art as well as for the studying of hyperflexibility of media art in our cultural environment. The result of this extended art study is a subjectivation of the author-producer as a form of the integration of post-graduate students into a group of authors with a programme. Its main goal is to enable younger students to develop their own complex cybernetic art projects. The economy today is globalysing all fields of life. The Academy of Fine Art /ALU/ as an initiator together with the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television /AGRFT/, the Academy of Music /AG/ and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science /FRI/ is trying to have an authonomy of a collective inside the cultural and art field. A cultural field being a laboratory for experimentation of new art forms. Today there is just a virtual laboratory called LIMAUL - Laboratory Institute for Media Art, University of Ljubljana -, but soon it is going to have a real place inside the new building in which all three art academies will have an interdisciplinary art study. This year's academy production is performative art, that processually enters the software and hardware technology, provokes and breaks taboos and places on scene a comunication in computer interactive habitats. As pop-technoperformance of the 21st century it comunicates directly with the consumer in a public place of galery, street or internet. All projects are fruits of the collaboration between students of the ALU Seminar of video and new media and students of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Computer Vision Laboratory (LRV) led by Prof Dr Franc Solina.

Chairman of Video and New Media studies
Prof Srečo Dragan