International Festival
of Computer Arts

konS / Biobot: Laboratory situation


konS / Biobot: Laboratory situation

  • 26th MFRU
  • Web Talk

07. 12. 2020

Location: konS - Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art

Artist Zoran Srdić Janežič
konS / Biobot: Laboratory situation

The project is dedicated to soft tissue engineering and developing a robot with functioning biological muscle which moves the body. On the frontiers of art that uses live materials to create new forms, these new creatures raise ontological and ethical questions about their status, new protocols of handling and question our attitude towards them.

In a laboratory situation, we are growing live neurons on a plate with electrodes which conduct an electrical signal. The signal is converted from analogue to digital, amplified and used for the manipulation of the Biobot’s movement. In Biobot 1.1 & 1.2, we designed the mechanical shell for the biobot in different shapes and with an information loop from the movement of the bot’s body, which can serve as information input for the neurons. This information can be retrieved, modified by the neurons and sent back to the technological body. In the next phase, the combination of technological and biological will be intertwined: the “artificial” moving mechanism will no longer be separated from the “natural” tissue.

Biobot envelops a concept of bringing not only new materials but also new processes into artistic practices and from that emerges a new artistic language. It uses scientific and technological development in a non-scientific way for the artistic composition of a biological and technological body. Biobot is a small-scale living entity with its own intelligence and its own rights to exist as a life form.

The streaming will be avaIlable on Facebook and YouTube.