International Festival
of Computer Arts

AR VR intervencije2021


AR VR intervencije2021

  • 27th MFRU
  • Audio-visual performance

11. 10. 2021 – 11. 10. 2021

Location: GT22 / Glavni trg 22, Maribor, Slovenia

Authors Žiga Palčar, Lina Rica, Vitamean, Terranigma, pxldos, Smech, Shuljo, VJ 5237, Aphra Tesla
AR VR intervencije2021

The AR/VR #INTERVENTIONS series in 2021 presents and connects video and sound artists who will move from their primary work environment and present themselves in the BlackboxGT22 gallery space and in specially prepared locations around the city center.

Authors are: Smech x Shuljo, VJ 5237 x Terranigma, Vitamean x ℗×𝔩𝔇𝕆Ѕ, Lina Rica x Žiga Palčar, Aphra Tesla.

Location: BlackBoxGT22 + city center

Pproduction: Ustanova Fundacija Sonda + Gliser + GT22

Support: MOM