International Festival
of Computer Arts


Interweaving Soundscapes

  • Installation
Artist Boštjan Perovšek
Scientist Dr. Roland Mühlethaler
Interweaving Soundscapes

The 8-channel sound installation links science and art. From the viewpoint of art, the scientific investigation of vibrational signals emitted by animals (biotremology) is especially interesting because of the sonic manifestation of animal activity; through a specific organisation of a sound mass, such investigation can also extend to the field of interspecies communication.

The project focuses on the webs of two spiders of the European garden spider species (Araneus diadematus), as a web is not only a snare for prey but also functions as an extension of the spider’s sensory systems. The human ear cannot perceive the vibrations that spiders send and receive through their web, but the installation reveals precisely this invisible sound world. The installation's composition consists of raw sounds of insect and spider activity that have subsequently been electronically processed. Most of the recordings that make up the composition were made in the studios of Cona Institute and Boštjan Perovšek using a set of custom-made piezo sensors. Some of the selected recordings were made with sensors connected to a spider web at the Tomás Saraceno studio, whereas some recordings are part of Dr Roland Mühlethaler’s private sound archive.

Artist Boštjan Perovšek

Scientist Dr Roland Mühlethaler

Two spiders present at the exhibition Araneus diadematus

Visual design of the installation Irena Pivka

Curators and organisers Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

Translator and language editor Katja Kosi

Public relations Katarina Radaljac

Production Cona, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, 2020

Original Venue Steklenik, Gallery for Sound, Bioacoustics and Art

The artwork was created as part of the project konS – Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art.