International Festival
of Computer Arts

Pavle Banović

Pavle Banović is a young artist from Belgrade, Serbia, currently studying new media at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He was also a part of the Applause Institute, a young art collective based in Belgrade. In his work, he attempts to turn the dominant gaze in different ways, to bring to light something to be seen a different view, a marginalized one, which, in fact, makes it impossible to be objective, or see everything as it “truly” is, but nevertheless widens the frame. Banović also took part in the Goethe institute’s exhibition Leaving the safe regime (2018) as well as Crowd in the city (2019) at the Gallery Grad and Hard pressed (2020) at KC Magacin in Belgrade. In 2018 he won the Telekom award for the best work in new media.