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INVITATION: TERRITORY - live audio broadcasts


INVITATION: TERRITORY - live audio broadcasts

11. Oct 2021

INVITATION: TERRITORY - live audio broadcasts

TERRITORY - live audio broadcasts
OR poiesis and Udo Noll / radio aporee / radio earth
from 11 to 14 October 2021 between 18:00 and 20:00


TERRITORY is dedicated to research and live sound transmission of night forest and urban territories (Maribor, Genoa, Berlin, and others) in online environments. The concept of the invisible into the audible is evolving with the growing need for sophistication of auditory perception and the polymorphism of the audible.

The core of the process includes fluid sound territory, live performing performative sound transmissions (intimate night radio in time fields), including performative interventions (ultrasound field, echolocation of bats and night moths, speech, voice, participatory listening). The nocturnal forest landscapes are broadcast live via a mobile microphone unit. The phased sound work addresses the audience with a subtle acoustic appearance. The sound sculpture in time will mutate into a public space and the extended intimate field of an individual with a sonorous aesthetic experience. The project connects various forces and dislocated spaces / beings and acoustic sound landscapes.