International Festival
of Computer Arts

MFRU 2023

29th MFRU Periodization of space and time through the intermedia

06.–13. October 2023, Maribor, Slovenia


Thursday – 05. October

18:00 Project opening: Mnemomat Opening Europark

Friday – 06. October

19:00 The Opening of the Festival Vetrinjski dvor
19:15 Mitja Lorenčič: Video documentary film on the 28th IFCA Video projection Vetrinjski dvor
19:30 Award ceremony of the Student intermedia awards Vetrinjski dvor
19:45 Abiral Khadka (Joondroid): Purusha Sound performance Vetrinjski dvor
21:00 Guided tour of exhibition locations (with Aleksandra Saška Gruden, artistic director of the MFRU Festival) Guided Tour Vetrinjski dvor

Saturday – 07. October

11:00 Gentle but noisy (8-14 years) Workshop Cultural Incubator
18:00 Tomaž Grušovnik: Animal subjectivity in contemporary performance Lecture Vetrinjski dvor
19:30 Abiral Khadka (Joondroid): Mandala of Consciousness Sound performance Vetrinjski dvor
20:00 Guided tour of exhibition locations Guided Tour Vetrinjski dvor

Sunday – 08. October

16:00 Make your own HEX synthesizer! (14+) Workshop Cultural Incubator
17:00 Wolfgang Ernst: ON THE BORDERS OF EXPLAINABILITY? Against Hidden Metaphysics in Understanding Artificial Intelligence Lecture Vetrinjski dvor
18:00 Discussion with Wolfgang Ernst, PhD, led by Robert Bobnič Vetrinjski dvor
19:00 Petra Kapš (OR poiesis): Furīfōru / fluvial Sound performance Vetrinjski dvor

Monday – 09. October

17:00 Panel: Sustainability and Autonomy of Digital Art Panel Vetrinjski dvor
19:00 Petra Kapš (OR poiesis): YAMAMAYU Night Wanderings Sound walk, Deep listening Maribor City Park
20:00 Guided tour of exhibition locations Guided Tour Vetrinjski dvor

Tuesday – 10. October

19:00 Igor Štromajer, !gor #352;: !gor #352; Igor Štromajer in conversation with Igor Štromajer Artist talk Vetrinjski dvor
20:00 Opening of UG MB, Jewish Street Gallery, /UG MB 2023-2024/ curators 03 + son:DA Opening Jewish Square

Wednesday – 11. October

19:00 Andrej Žižek: Sense the City, presentation of the project Presentation Vetrinjski dvor
22:05 Presentation of Simon Whetham, sound artist and his audio work Radio programme Radio SLO - ARS

Thursday – 12. October

19:00 Guided tour of exhibition locations Guided Tour Vetrinjski dvor

Friday – 13. October

19:45 Festival Closing Vetrinjski dvor
20:00 Rob Canning: Improvisation for Computer, Networked Instruments, and Multichannel Sound Diffusion Sound performance Vetrinjski dvor