International Festival
of Computer Arts




  • 28th MFRU
  • Workshop

Location: Maribor City Park

Mentors Tadeja Pungerčar, Barbara Kapelj

Children will learn about the world of contemporary artists and the method of artistic research. Through listening and observing the environment they are guided through, they will discover how artists sensitise themselves to the perception of nature and the environment.

The workshop or guided sound walk is conducted using a silent disco system. Through a portable transmitter carried in a bag by the tutor, the audio content is played to the participants. The mentor, who also has a microphone to communicate directly with the participants, can stop the recording and thus the performance if necessary and carry out the tasks together with the children. The workshop is accompanied by an educational labbook.

Works presented at the workshop include Luka Prinčič: Rizosfera, Boštjan Perovšek: Zvočna prepletanja, JataC: Bibaret JC210120, Boštjan Perovšek: Stenice, mrož in vrata – Steklenik 2018.