International Festival
of Computer Arts


A fusion of art, science and communication technology, the integral project of Makrolab (1997 - 2007) was a mobile and ecologically sustainable living, research and communication unit. It saw its first presentation in the art context on the Luttenberg hill near Kassel, at the exhibition Documenta X. The group of artists and scientists who lived and worked at the Makrolab station fashioned a conceptual landscape there: an immaterial environment of telephone and aerial communications, television signals, and radio airwaves. Makrolab was designed as an autonomous environment, powered by sustainable sources of energy(solar and wind power), and for prolonged existence in an isolated environment, where it could withstand extreme natural conditions. It had three basic structural dimensions- analytical, processual, and performative- and was interested in the integral research of three dynamic global systems: telecommunications, the weather and climate, and migration(of people, capital, goods, flora, and fauna). One of the primary communication media that the project used was its website; others included direct satellite radio and data transmission, microwave, and high-frequency links.

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