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konS / On the Inclusion of Art into Innovation Processes

konS / On the Inclusion of Art into Innovation Processes

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Including “art thinking” into creative processes in which the creators want to come up with a new product or service enables the involved innovators an original, different, unexpected view on the principles of the challenge they are facing. The participation of artists or art experts in creating new products or social innovations is assessed in the same way as the work of all who are involved in innovation processes. As opposed to designers and architects, who as a rule participate in the processes of innovating for the market, the participation of artists in creating products and services for the non-art market is not self-evident.

At the panel discussion entitled “On the Inclusion of Art into Innovation Processes”, we will discuss the challenges facing both artists as individuals as well as art organisations as they step beyond the field of art into the real sector. At the panel discussion, the invited artists, producers and representatives of the real economy and local communities will speak about their experiences.


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